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Just looking for someone to help you get started and provide you with a plan of action? Perfect for the do-it-yourself clients who want a customized plan. Great for anyone preparing to move or renovate.


MOST POPULAR! Schedule a free in-home consultation to see how working with Order Matters can change the way you feel about your household and to-do list.


For those whose busy schedules can't accommodate traditional organizing services, we offer phone, skype + email coaching to help keep you on track.  This is also a great option for time management coaching.

Welcome to Order Matters!  My name is Martha Bass and I am a Professional Organizer located in Plano, Texas.  I love helping people transform chaos into order so they can make room for what matters most in their lives.  My motto is "Organize. Simplify. Relax."


"This was our first time calling a professional organizer but after 2 kids and 4 years of toys we knew we needed some extra help. Martha is amazing! The second she walks in the door shes gets to work! She kept us on track and got the whole space plus extras done in our session! My husband was skeptical about calling someone but I'm so glad we found her!! He came home and was amazed at how well the space looked! My girls can finally enjoy their room and all of their stuff!!" 
—Joanne S., Plano, TX

"Martha's help has been invaluable to me. My husband and I were moving out of state and preparing to put our home on the market. We decided that much of what we owned would need to be sold. However, I could not find an estate sales person to help us, despite several phone calls and appointments. Someone gave me the contact information for Order Matters, and what a gift it was! Martha was always prompt in returning my calls, was able to set up an appointment with me within a week, and was always available to answer my questions. She helped me plan, sort through piles of belongings, advertise the sale, and even worked with me before, during, and after the sale. Then, she helped me donate the items that did not sell. Martha is a jewel and I could not have done it without her." 
—Lee B, Fairview, TX