Business Organizing

Martha received a BBA with an emphasis in Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1994.  She began her IT career as a systems engineer and then moved into IT management.  She stepped away from her 18-year IT career as a senior manager in the Telecommunications industry in 2012 and began helping a friend with his technology startup.  Martha is skilled in understanding an individual’s natural abilities, strengths and desires, as well as challenges, and designing unique processes and recommendations that naturally align and support them.  She has experience in working with people with ADD, ADHD and Aspberger's.  In addition to Martha's IT experience, she has administrative and business management experience in Real Estate, Banking, Real Estate Law, Property Management, Healthcare Collections, Engineering and Dental offices and Retail.  Martha enjoys working with entrepreneurs, employees and businesses to help them accomplish their goals.  


Business Organization Services


Business Organizing Coaching Dallas
  • Organizing for the office (spaces, papers and processes)

  • Project management

  • Helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to fruition (understanding vision/goals, setting priorities, creating framework and structure, defining a plan with actions and timelines, providing accountability and then moving beyond implemenation to business expansion)

  • Helping individuals achieve their professional goals (improvements in productivity, performance, career progression and work-life balance)



Most Business Organization engagements begin with a Free Phone Consultation and are followed by an in-person Assessment Meeting.  At the end of this meeting, we will provide you with a Proposal and schedule our first Working Session.  Working sessions are typically 4-6 hours.  Clients often choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.




4-hour business organizing sessions are $360 and 6-hour sessions are $540.