Ducks in a Row

Organizing Vital Documents & Information

Life happens and it’s daily! Everyone needs to be prepared when, not if, an emergency occurs. Having all your vital information and important documents in one place will give you and your family peace of mind knowing everything is in order, should an emergency occur.

A Will is an important vital document.  However, it doesn’t include important information like medications you are currently taking, medications you are allergic to, on-line bill paying information, your passwords, where you stored last year’s tax records or where you safe deposit box or storage unit is located.


Ducks in a Row is a 65-page workbook with 9 categories.  

  • My Personal Info

  • My Safety Net

  • My Assets

  • My Money

  • My Debts/Payments

  • My Insurance

  • My Medical

  • My Team

  • My Wants

Following the 3 step process is simple and straight-forward:

  1. Gather your documents, using the workbook to guide you

  2. Fill in the Ducks in a Row spreadsheets

  3. Save your completed Ducks in a Row workbook to two flash drives (one for yourself and one for a trusted family member or friend).

Remember to review and update your information each year or after any major life event!


Electronic copy:                $40   

(MS Excel file)

Printed copy:                     $50



 + Printed copy:                 $75


Electronic copy

 + Printed copy

 + 3 hr Working Session:  $375

Covid-19 Special!  50% off ($20) Electronic Copy (for a limited time only).  Send an email to to take advantage of this special, limited time offer.

I recommend clients have both the electronic and printed versions.  Use the printed version as your "workbook" or guide.  Enter the information into the electronic version (MS Excel or Google Sheets).  Having the electronic version allows you to make easy updates as your information changes over time.