Sessions Include:

Hours your professional organizer spends in your home, plus:

  • Driving to and from your home or office

  • Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies

  • Any additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions

  • Communication with you by phone, text or email up to 2 weeks after the session

  • Arranging appointments for other service providers

  • Taking items to consignment

  • Arranging pickup for trash or donation items



We enjoy bringing order and proper flow to home spaces.  When the setup of your home works well for you and your family, you are less stressed and have more time and energy to enjoy your life.  


Each individual is unique.  During your free in-home consultation, our professional organizers start by asking the right questions and truly listening to your responses.  You'll be curious about our services and processes.  And we'll be curious about your challenges and your goals.  We will assess your current situation--seeing what works well for you, where you have challenges and understanding your goals.  We will discuss your budget and put together a schedule and approach that will work for you.  At the end of your consultation, we will schedule your first working session.  Working sessions are typically 3 hours and can be scheduled as a one-time appointment, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  The number of sessions required will depend on multiple variables--such as how large the project is, whether you want to do some work on your own between appointments and how quickly you want to reach your goals.  We also offer follow-up Maintenance Appointments to help ensure you stay on track.


Single Session (3 Hours):


Package Discounts:

4 Sessions (10% off):


8 Sessions (15% off): 


12 Sessions (20% off):


Team sessions and packages with

2 or 3 organizers provide a great discount too!

"I hired Martha to help me organize my home and home office.  I had mounds of paperwork throughout my home and my guest bedroom had become a "catch all" room, filled with boxes.  Martha helped me sort through all of the paperwork, identifying what I needed to keep and what I could toss or shred.  We set up a filing system, a bill pay system and processes for handling my ongoing to-do lists.  We sorted through all of the items in boxes, organizing photos, keepsakes and memorabilia.  She helped me create a beautiful home office in my guest bedroom and we have organized other areas in my home as well.  I feel so much more at peace and less stressed now that I know where things are and no longer have to worry about digging through piles of papers or making multiple phone calls to get the information I need.  Words cannot adequately express what a difference she has made in my home and in my life."  Kathy P, Plano, TX (Home and Home Office Organizing Client)

"We enlisted Martha upon moving into our new house. Getting organized in new surroundings can sometimes be a daunting task. We left the kitchen to Martha and we were amazed with her keen sense of logical storage solutions and organization. Everything was easy to see, easy to reach, and sensibly placed. We would do it all over again!"

Jen B., Tomball, TX (Residential Move Client)

"I just could not get my garage organized and Martha came to the rescue. She came and knew just what to do. Within a few hours we had the garage totally organized and now I can get 2 cars parked in it just in time for family to come for the holidays. Thanks Martha!!!"  Phyllis M., Plano, TX (Residential Organizing Client)