Move Coordination Services

Moving can be a stressful time with all of the work and coordination involved.  Let our team of experts organize and simplify your move process so that you can relax and look forward to your first peaceful night in your new home.  Whether moving from one house to another house or from a house to a retirement community, we've got you covered.  Our move packages are customizable--you choose the services that you need.

Basic Move Coordination Package


Move Preparation:

  • Inventory furniture and other items to be moved

  • Prepare a plan for furniture placement in new home

  • Take pictures for placement of special and decorative items to assist with replication of set up in new home as much as possible

  • Tag all furniture and large items with proper room identification for location in new home


Move Coordination:

  • Obtain bids for packing and moving

  • Supervise packing of all items to ensure packing is done in an organized manner

  • Direct movers with funiture and item placement in new home


Unpacking and Organizing:

  • Unpack all boxes and put everything away in an organized manner

  • Remove all empty boxes, packing materials and trash

  • Set up kitchen, bathrooms, office and make beds

  • Place special and decorative items in new home



Move Coordination Professional Organizing Dallas

Additional Services


Move Preparation/Finalization:

  • Go through items and declutter (get rid of what isn't wanted, needed or loved)

  • Arrange sale, donation and removal of unwanted items (coordinate with estate sale company, schedule donation pick ups, coordinate distribution to friends/family, schedule removal of remaining unwanted items)

  • Stage home using existing furniture and decorations (includes coordination with realtor)

  • Arrange and oversee cleaning of premises, including any necessary repairs (can include coordination with realtor and inspector)


Move Coordination:

  • Cancel existing services (utilities, pool/yard maintenance, etc.) and turn on necessary services at new address

  • Notify appropriate parties of new address (post office, magazine subscriptions bank, social security, etc.)


Unpacking and Organizing:

  • Line shelves and drawers

  • Set up organizing systems where needed

  • Label all shelves and drawers

  • Hang pictures, mirrors, window treatments and any other items that require installation

  • Set up/connect electronics (tv, stereo, cable, internet, etc.)

  • Stock kitchen/pantry with requested items


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"We enlisted Martha upon moving into our new house. Getting organized in new surroundings can sometimes be a daunting task. We left the kitchen to Martha and we were amazed with her keen sense of logical storage solutions and organization. Everything was easy to see, easy to reach, and sensibly placed. We would do it all over again!"

Jen B., Tomball, TX (Residential Move Client)