Residential Organizing

Need help improving the function and flow of your home?

Want help deciding what stays and what goes?

We can help!

Professional Organizer Dallas

We enjoy bringing order and proper flow to home spaces.  When the setup of your home works well for you and your family, you are less stressed and have more time and energy to enjoy your life.  


Each individual is unique.  We start by asking the right questions and truly listening to your responses.  Most engagements begin with a Free Phone Consultation.  You'll be curious about our services and processes.  And we'll be curious about your challenges and your goals.  The next step is a 1-hour Preview Appointment in your home.  We will assess your current situation--seeing what works well for you, where you have challenges and understanding your goals.  We will discuss your budget and put together a schedule and approach that will work for you.  At the end of the Preview Appointment, we will schedule your first Working Session.  Working sessions are typically 4-6 hours and can be scheduled as a one-time appointment, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  The number of sessions required will depend on multiple variables--such as how large the project is, whether you want to do some work on your own between appointments and how quickly you want to reach your goals.  We also offer follow-up Maintenance Appointments to help ensure you stay on track.


4-hour sessions are $260 and 6-hour sessions $390.