Services for Seniors

Through a series of events, Martha realized she has a special place in her heart for seniors.  In 2007 when her next door neighbor passed away, she befriended his wife, kept her company and provided emotional support.  She enjoyed listening to her new friend talk about the husband she missed so much. Around this time, she also became friends with her elderly neighbors across the street.  She would visit them, sharing produce from her co-op basket and herbs from her garden, sitting with them for afternoon tea, listening to their stories of their childhood years in Germany. She called to check on them when she didn't see them out in their yard. She was a member of a singles group with over 2000 people and met six widows in one month. She realized these women could be a great support for one another and arranged for weekly luncheons to bring them all together.


In 2012, Martha became very ill with lyme disease which attacked her nervous system and reduced her cognitive function. Leveraging her skills and experience in the IT/business world and her natural abilities for organization, she implemented processes and routines that she could easily follow without requiring so much from herself mentally.


All of these experiences led her to offer special services for seniors.

  • Organize and simplify for aging in place

  • Downsize and assist with move and set up in new home/senior community

  • Create a more natural flow for everyday life

  • Implement routines to lessen cognitive burden (bill pay, shopping lists, appointment reminders)

  • Create emergency preparedness plan

  • Locate and archive important records (Check out our Ducks in a Row workbook!)



Each project begins with a 1-hour In-Home Assessment.  At the end of this appointment, Martha will provide the client with an overview of the proposed plan. Clients may choose to schedule a single or multiple working sessions.  For ongoing projects, clients typically choose weekly or bi-weekly working sessions.  The length and number of working sessions can vary depending on the size of the project, physical/mental abilities of the client and deadlines (e.g. move dates, decision dates).

Professinal Organizing Seniors Dallas

3-hour In-Home Working Session (with One Organizer) $300.00

"When I need to navigate a confusing matter, I call on Martha to address the issue and let me know the best solution. Whether it is Medicare, car insurance or travel plans, she is surveying the whole picture and giving me the most logical answer that fits me. As a senior, it helps to have a person who can enter the complicated world of technology and navigate the maze of decisions to come up with a simple way for me to approach a situation. She is the best. Thank you for using your talent to help."

Margaret B., San Antonio, TX (Senior Client)